The Team

The Team here at Thomas Henry House primarily consists of John and Jill (owners) and support staff including daily cleaners.

Between us we have close to 60 years hands on experience in the day to day running of our facility. We plan on being involved on a continuous basis with the delivery of services here for many years to come. Our core staff is one of our biggest attributes we feel. It enables us to be more proactive in providing to our clients needs in that there are not staff constantly coming and going and difficulties that can occur with  frequent staff changes. It enables us to keep the family style environment that we aim to achieve.

All staff members are involved in all aspects of the business from meal preparation, kitchen duty, medication, personal care supervision clerical and a whole host of other aspects of our clients day to day lives. This provides us with the unique opportunity to be very hands on, to observe at a personal level , the behaviour patterns and activities of our residents and to know them well. It greatly enhances the ability to detect changes and identify the possibility of behavioural issues at an early stage, and so provide or enlist the necessary resources to assist our residents.